About Us


BIGcontrols proprietary technology is based on over 20 years of experience implementing business incentives for 100s of corporations. We are a software company with a business incentives subject matter expert (SME) at the helm, not a consulting firm masquerading as a software provider. As a cloud-based solution, our single focus is to create the best-in-class suite of tools to allow you to Take Ownership of Your Business Incentives.

We are obsessively focussed on creating a solution that our customers demand. Beyond our own internal SME resources, we spent countless hours of market research with companies from the middle-market to the Fortune 500 in order to identify the pain points around the incentives compliance process. We view input and feedback from the marketplace as gold - this is our secret sauce - listen to your customer.


We built BIGcontrols on a radically new concept: compliance should be easy. With this in mind, our development team was tasked with the goal of creating a user experience that is second to none while maintaining the complexities of managing the business incentives compliance process. At the same time our internal SME team developed a detail-oriented roadmap around the management & compliance of business incentives. The result is an elegant, laser-focused solution - it’s intuitive, easy to use, and most of all, plugs the leakage in the multi-billion dollar global business incentives world.


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