BIGcontrols is a world class end-to-end solution to meet your business incentives needs both now and in the future. Most people imagine a disaster when they think about business continuity – and we believe an employee walking out your door with all of their expert knowledge is akin to exactly that: a disaster. Regardless of employee turnover or business M&A, you will always have access to historical data and current status reports for your entire organization from the C-Suite to line-of-business staff. Our automated workflows and incentives lifecycle management drives increased revenue and peace of mind, for today and tomorrow.



One of the biggest drivers for companies losing the value of their incentives is non-compliance with their contractual commitments, whether statutory or discretionary. BIGcontrols solves these challenges by automating compliance workflows and creating accountability within your teams. You cannot afford to be reactive considering the wave of new state and local incentive programs coming online every year, the myriad of annual regulatory changes, and massive fines for non-compliance. By leveraging CCH® IntelliConnect® from Wolters Kluwer, the tax & accounting industry's leading research platform, rest assured that you will have access to the best—and most up to date—statutory tax credit information at all times including real-time email updates on regulatory changes. We give you full control through specific compliance requirements that can be customized to individual incentives – and automated email/dashboard alerts for any out-of-compliance incentives.



The conversation around having one source of truth for your incentives starts with trusting the accuracy and integrity of your data. BIGcontrols records every event by date, time, and user with a comprehensive audit trail. No longer are you reliant upon error-prone spreadsheets that lack version control and contain data you just cannot trust. We’ve also partnered with the largest finance and HR cloud providers in the world through API integrations allowing you to directly tie in the cloud-based numbers you already trust in your ERP and HCM solutions. Your team can finally collaborate in scalable way with full control that only a single system of record allows.



It’s time to gain competitive advantage in the increasingly complex and lucrative incentives industry. Our modern analytics and reporting provides advanced visibility into your entire incentives portfolio – which translates directly to your bottom line. Line-of-business staff can easily export slice-and-dice data sets for further analysis while the C-Suite can get a birds eye view of the all the moving parts on their tablets. We empower you with business intelligence from a single click which would take consultants days of work to compile.

Scale up with BIGcontrols, and big data becomes a big opportunity.



We understand that financial data is one of your most valuable and protected assets – we’re committed to delivering a world class solution with enterprise-grade security measures to keep your data safe and your business protected. We are dedicated to running the most secure, protected, and reliable cloud platform for your incentives data. BIGcontrols safeguards your data with rigorous protections, including transmission and at-rest encryptions, firewalls, DDoS mitigation, spoofing and sniffing protections. We only operate in the most secure ISO 27001-compliant data centers to ensure our infrastructure has built-in redundancies.