The Dashboard provides a quick snapshot of all relevant incentives-specific data relating to your individual activity in the application. Any out of compliance incentives are surfaced front-and-center so you can tackle urgent issues immediately. Key metrics are highlighted and visually represented for both discretionary & statutory incentives managed on a companywide basis as well as those you're responsible for managing. You've never felt more in control of your business incentives.


Whether you have 10 locations across the U.S. or hundreds of locations scattered across the world, BIGcontrols® finally gives you transparency into your entire real estate footprint. Our At-a-Glance feature provides visibility into all the incentives tied to each location, your corporate personnel responsible for managing each incentive and it’s respective filing deadline. We’ve also included geo mapping as an added location management feature.


At the heart of BIGcontrols® is a robust set of tools which allow you to optimize and Take Ownership of Your Business Incentives®. We've developed the application to seamlessly track both discretionary and statutory incentives. Our user-configurable and persistent at-a-glance feature provides complete transparency into all pertinent data for each incentive you manage inside the system. BIGcontrols® automates your multi-year compliance requirements, tracks your utilization of benefits over time, and provides a document repository so all those misplaced documents finally have a home.

INCENTIVES - Tax Statutes

By leveraging CCH® IntelliConnect® from Wolters Kluwer, the tax & accounting industry's leading research platform, rest assured that you’ll have access to the best—and most up to date—statutory tax credit information at all times. We also provide automatic alerts on changes to federal and state tax laws & regulatory matters which affect the incentives you’re managing – we empower you with information the moment it happens.


Our step-by-step entry process puts you in control of all the details you want to track, allowing for custom settings to the length of each incentive, various government contacts, and multiple company personnel responsible for individual incentive management – so they're all at your fingertips.


INCENTIVES - Requirements

The application tracks incentive requirements against actuals over time which supports compliance activities. If any incentives become out of compliance, alerts are sent to the incentive owners and notifications appear on the applicable users’ dashboards and incentive at-a-glance sections.



With a historical record of annual credit generation, usage, and carryforward amounts, you can track the full value of all your statutory tax credits. We also provide the same functionality for discretionary incentives, allowing for analysis of total payments against overall negotiated value.

INCENTIVES - Compliance

BIGcontrols® ensures your compliance by automatically emailing reminders based on the filing deadlines for each incentive. Our out-of-compliance alerts take the process one step further by reminding you to immediately deal with highly important issues or potentially forgo value that you’ve already negotiated. We're here to make sure nothing slips through the cracks!


Track and view valuable commentary specific to an individual incentive over time. We make it easy for you to troubleshoot potential issues and collaborate across departments and business units.

INCENTIVES - Documentation

Upload all documents related to your incentive activity: development agreements, tax forms, audit support documents. No more looking for missing documents - they're all in a central storage repository that's easy to find.


Not just a compliance tool, BIGcontrols® has built-in task management features to ensure deadlines are met through roles-based accountability. The application automatically creates tasks and emails users with alerts based approaching due dates. Tasks are assignable to specific users resulting in action and collaboration.


The application has been designed with a variety of roles-based permissions & access rights to allow maximum exposure across the corporate environment while maintaining control of certain user groups. The contact management feature provides a direct link to the government personnel responsible for regulating or auditing your incentives.


Our robust reports are customizable and interactive. Identify ROI by incentive across all locations. You can finally gain insight and transparency on incentive utilization across your business units, locations and incentive categories. These insights will help you drive improvements in your incentive maximization across your organization by identifying where you can increase value. And just in case you want to slice and dice that data further, we give you the option to export all of these customizable reports.


Have you ever wondered who changed something you were working on or when it changed? We record every event by date, time and user so you can always identify change details.


Personal configurations allow you to update your password and contact information. Company-level configuration provides customizable fields for locations and alerts to users for various tasks in the application. You can even update the verbiage of the emails and tailor the language so it fits with your corporate culture.