• Credits & Incentives Program Review & Development - our professional services team provides assistance to companies struggling to develop or expand their internal incentives program. Our decades of experience will help you inventory and catalog your entire incentives portfolio while establishing formal compliance processes. We’ll even make sure your team is set up for future success by establishing annual incentive reviews across your entire real estate footprint.

  • A Neutral Third Party - we understand that your team likely outsources some of your credits & incentives consulting to third parties across different geographies. Let’s be honest, no one consulting firm is outstanding in every jurisdiction - it’s just not possible. What we offer is a neutral third party diagnostic review of your entire incentives portfolio. Our CEO has over 25 years of experience in this niche area so we know which rocks to turn over and where to find additional value. And to further augment our process we use our own technology to validate and enhance our review. In the end, you are provided with an implementation road map to reduce any compliance risk exposures and increase value across your entire incentive portfolio.


  • Strategic Tax Planning for Capital Expenditures - while some companies schedule new capital projects according to growth demands, the majority deploy yearly capital expense for property, plant, and equipment. Most often the property tax is handled as an afterthought a year or more after the capital expenditures occur. Even though consultants are used to file appeals of value, property tax planning in conjunction with capital expenditures is virtually non-existent.

  • The Problem for Most - as capital costs are incurred there are several ways that invoices and documentation are allocated into a company’s records. These capital costs are commonly inclusive of specific types of expenses that typically are not taxable, dictated by state property tax statutes. The opportunity to effectively address these costs are lost once they become part of a company’s records and deemed an audit trail for a company’s property tax assessment. Government assessors do not look kindly on attempts to deviate from a company’s records absent any reasonable evidence to the contrary.

  • Our Solution - the most effective methodology to address property tax liability for capital spend is to begin to effectuate savings techniques during the capital deployment stages and while the capital is being allocated to your company’s records.